Our Services 

Our services are put together for small and medium businesses as we can work closely to provide a solution that fits your business needs.

The consultancy works closely with small businesses providing, Threat analysis, advice on compliance that helps to create policies that meet your business. With compliance, this will reduce the possibility of receiving a fine or worse and help customers have trust in your data process.
The managed service we provide are managed security that can protect your network either remotely or onsite. Office365 and Microsoft cloud service can help productivity within a small business. Backup and disaster recovery services can prevent a company losing all its data and returning to business quickly

The Consultancy

Managed Services

 The consultancy is providing a varied range of services to meet the needs and size of your business.  The information security management and business continuity management are base on the folloing standards: ISO27001 information security management systems and BS 25999 business continuity management. 
Risk assessments – this is an evaluation of various factors that may affect you business. 

Environmental – floods, earthquake, fires, ice.

Physical - theft, vandalism, malicious staff, explosion,
                   building failures.

Terrorist - hacking, explosion, sabotage, espionage.

Electronic – hacking, power failure, eves dropping, wifi.
People – political activists, social media, disgruntled staff. 
At Northwest Cybersecurity we are work to help businesses work more efficiently by providing managed services packages to meet your business needs.  

Storage - using cloud storage to hold business data and reduce the need for additional hardware

Security - manage your security of your systems and install updates as necessary 

Office applications - using Office 365 to help manage the licenses for your business. 

Monitoring - keeping your systems up and running, reducing down time to help business profits ​
  1. Threat Analysis
    The threats to your business can come in various forms. Working with you to gain an understanding of your business, we can develop a threat assessment that will give your business a chance of securing a future with a minimum of risk to you.
  2. Managed Security
    Using Sophos software we are able to provide a managed security service what is in compliance with various standards.
  3. Compliance
    There are many bodies that Business subscribe to and are responsible to. Knowing what information to keep safe and protect that will meet the rules laid down by these organisations. can be difficult to meet with advise for a specialist.
  4. Office 365
    Office 365 is a cloud based solution for managing access to office applications while on the move. Also the ability to scale up and down as the demands of business expand and contract.
  5. Policys
    With compliance comes the need for policys and processes to safeguard your information. We work closely to develop policys that meet the needs of compliance.
  6. Disaster recovery/Backup
    Back up and Disaster Recovery is vital for Business continuity. we have access to various cvloud base host to help with Backing up and Disaster Recovery.Also planning for that moment and getting your business up and running quickly.
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